On Saturday morning I was in “The Store(y)” working when a woman came in with her father-in-law. She was in a wheel chair and the two of them were admiring the bird houses. I said, “hello” they smiled and silently left. A few moments later I overheard them speaking to one of my regular visitors, Carmella, and a half-hour later Carmella came in the store in tears. She shared the story of the woman and I told her to grab a Beanie Baby and give it to her… “Because when you give, you give a moment of happiness!”

Carmella ran out and a few minutes later all three of them returned. The woman wanted to thank us both for the gift and we continued to chat.

The woman in the wheel chair’s name is Rebecca. Rebecca has been in a wheel chair for the past 17 years and has Muscular Dystrophy. As she was sharing her story, and that there was no cure, and one day her disease would be cured on the day she entered heaven, I bent down gave her a hug and said, “I’m sorry that you’ve had to endure so much for the past 17 years. ”

Rebecca then smiled at me and said, “Oh no. Please don’t be sorry. I get up each day thanking God for each day that I am here. I am married to the love of my life and he thinks I’m brilliant!”

I said, “Rebecca the Faithful, what do you love to do?”

“I used to love making flower arrangements. That’s why my husband says I’m brilliant. I could take ordinary flowers and turn them in to something extraordinary!”

I smiled and said, “Rebecca, you are the one!”

“I am the one?” She asked!

“Yes, you are the one. The other day, my friend Beth Pattee, brought me in the most beautiful flower arrangement and I asked God this morning whom I should pass them on to today. I wanted someone else to enjoy the gift and it was you all along!”

I stopped talking and went and got the flowers. I put them down by her feet (because she has no use of her arms) and I asked her if I could take her picture and share her story…

“You mean you want me to have these beautiful flowers, take my picture and you want to share my story?” she asked!


She smiled and said, “You mean other people will know my name and will know about me?”


Rebecca smiled this beautiful smile, I took the picture and with all her might she lifted her hands and said, “Girl power!”

She also shared that she lives in an assisted living home because her husband has to work and can’t put on her makeup and do her hair like he would like to be able to, but that he comes to visit her before work each day and each night he stays with her until she goes to bed.

As Rebecca was getting in the car to leave her husband came into the store, introduced himself and showed me a picture of what Rebecca used to look like. Oh my gosh! “She’s still the same stunning woman today!” he said.

The love this man has for his wife was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced. He told me they were the Romeo and Juliet story and how blessed he was that she chose him.

Her husband graciously accepted my invitation to come and visit her and promised me that he will bring her in the store when he can so she can spend a few hours meeting the amazing people who come through the door.

Rebecca is new to the area and doesn’t know any women. I was wondering if any of you would like to write Rebecca a letter, introducing yourself, and then I can read her the letters. She can’t read, and when she lifted her hands and said, “Girl Power!” I realized she was right. There’s nothing more powerful than the power of friends.

Please email me at: and I will print them off and take them to her.

I have no idea how long God’s going to bless us with the store, but I can promise you that each person who has walked through the door has become my blessing, and has blessed me with the greatest stories that I forever want to remember.

So they called Rebekah and asked her, “Will you go with this man?” “I will go,” she said. Genesis 24:58


And the two of them lived happily ever after! 




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