The Simplicity of Love…

Murder She Wrote

Sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than a computer that is filled with a blank screen where one can paint words in which they never want to forget. I now believe that writing is much like film that can be played over and over again when one wants to be reminded of a moment in which we never want to forget.

Last week my mother had to have surgery to have a hip replacement and a few weeks before my father had to have surgery on his eye, which has left him not being able to drive, so I was blessed to chauffeur my mother to the hospital and my father back-and-forth to the hospital for his visits.

During the few days that my mother spent apart from my father it was wonderful to have some one-on-one time with him, because I don’t believe the two of us have ever spent as much time together as we did this week, and for our time well spent, I am grateful.

It was interesting though because my father hasn’t been away from my mother in years, and it seems that the older couples become they learn to appreciate their differences and look for their differences when they need to be reminded of the one they love.

During the day my father and I would head to the hospital and spend time with my mother, but in the evening I would bring my father home, we’d visit for a bit and then I would head home. One evening, as I was leaving, I asked my father if he was okay being in the big house all by himself. My parents have a rather large home and my mother will sit in one room watching the television shows that she enjoys and my father will head to another and watch the television shows that he enjoys, but yet when my mother wasn’t home my father answered my question with the following…

“Oh, I’m fine. I’ve just been putting on your mother’s favorite television station and falling asleep to Murder She Wrote, because it made me feel as if she was right beside me and I fell right to sleep.”

For the past few days I’ve been thinking about the simplicity of growing old with the one that we love. When  I was young I remember thinking that love arrived when I could find someone who thought like me, liked all the same things that I did, or agreed with every profound thought that I shared, but the older I get I’m realizing why so many people share that opposites attract, and I believe it’s for the same reason that my father listened to Murder She Wrote. It wasn’t that he loved the show, (because he doesn’t) but it’s because my mother does, and because of that… he found comfort in listening to something that reminded him of her.

The fun part of this is Ron Masak, who played the Sheriff in Murder She Wrote, has become a friend of mine, and Ron if you ever happen to read my heart… THANK YOU for being in a show that my mother loved, which comforted the man who loves my mother!

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10




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One response to “The Simplicity of Love…

  1. Jan

    Now that is the sweetest thing you could have shared! What a great memory to pass down the generations. Hugs and prayers for your Mom to have a speedy recovery.

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