The Greatest Salesman in the World!


A few weeks ago, Twyla Monti and I were working in our “New-TO-YOU” store when she walked over to me and laid a book on the counter  and said, “You might like to read this!”

She said nothing else, but walked away and for the past few weeks the book sat on our counter, and this past Saturday I decided I would throw it in my purse and if I had time to read it, I would.

Then Monday arrived and I found myself down with the flu and this is when I opened the book!

The Greatest Salesman in the World was written by: Og Mandino.  Mandino was born on December 12, 1923, and was blessed with 72 years of life. It was interesting because as I was reading his book I wondered how many trials this man had to endure that brought him to the place where he would write about the things that truly matter. How many people in his life did he have to lose before he understood the value of life, and how many sleepless nights did this man have to count before he found his peace that would allow him slumber.

It only took me a few hours to read through the 111 pages that were written and when I was done I went and found his biography and sure enough, Og Mandino suffered many heartaches. He lost his mother before he entered college, and then joined the United States Army Air Corps where he became a military officer and a bombardier where he would fly thirty bombing missions over Germany…And, he even flew with actor Jimmy Stewart.

After he completed his military duties he became a salesman, and because he traveled so much he found himself sitting in bars night-after-night and subsequently became an alcoholic, which created a snowball that left him losing his job,  wife and daughter.

Then one cold morning in November, Mandino almost tried to commit suicide, but then found the peace that he was seeking within books through the library, and during his life he would read hundreds of books that would change his life, and when he was able to take what he learned, and find the peace he was seeking— then he began writing!

He read many interesting  books that were written by others who shared the importance of thinking positive, but then when he wrote, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, he chose to take stories from the Bible and turn them into an eloquent read that made me want to turn the page quickly so I could  find the secrets that were written within the scrolls!

Within the simplicity of those who write, I believe we write because this is where we find our peace. This is the quiet place where we can come and  share our heart of why we believe what we believe, and in whom we believe in. I believe “true” followers of Christ do not need to shout, but believe the best place to find Christ is within the silence of one’s heart, and sometimes the most beautiful words that are written, are written by those who have thought death was the answer, but found life within the “one” who died so that others could live.

I don’t want to share the secrets of the scrolls that are found within this book, because I believe secrets are something one should want to find, and not something that one should want to keep to themselves!

So, I would like to recommend that if you are looking for a simple piece of peace, I highly recommend that you take a moment to read the heart of man named Og Mandino, who learned the value of the secrets within the scrolls and wanted to makes sure that he shared them with you!






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7 responses to “The Greatest Salesman in the World!

  1. Robin

    amazing book- Ive read it many times over 🙂

  2. Linda Brown

    This book is a very old one. Funny. I kept it on a shelf for many years, although I’d never read it. Someone gave it to me because my husband was a salesman, so I thought it would just bore me! But, one day, out of curiosity (or a poke in the ribs from an angel), I opened it and began reading! What a surprise for me! This book is a must read. It touches the heart in a special way. I think I need a new copy of it, come to think of it! Glad you got to read it, Gina, although I’m sorry it was because you had the flu! Hope the flu has flown! Oliveya!

  3. i just completed reading this book yestoday. tis grand

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