Eight days ago the years of my life arrived at 50. What was interesting about that moment was I stayed up until the clock hit the stroke of midnight because I wanted to reflect on the past 49 years that seemed to pass me by like a runner who wanted to win the race.

It was amazing to me all the things that I had been blessed to do, but looking back I realized that I was in such a hurry to get somewhere that there were moments of memories where I could remember the race, but couldn’t remember what I was running for.


Then the other day a young mother called me and she seemed to be running the same race that I ran in 20 years ago.  Married, raising children, trying to start a business, worried about her weight, hair, nails. The list of what she worried about was endless, and then she asked me this, “Gina, do women truly find their inner beauty or do we miss it?”

For the past few days I’ve been thinking about her question, because looking back on my life, I realized that I too was always worried about those things and seemed to miss many moments because of it.

Then this morning I was reading through my Bible in the Book of Ezekiel and read…. “I made you thrive like a plant in the field; and you grew, matured, and became very beautiful.” Ezekiel 16:7


I’ve read that verse many times, but this time I realized that each one of us is like a plant that was created to thrive, because the definition of thrive is to grow “vigorously!” And It’s true that each one of us is planted within this world, meaning we are placed or set, so we can contribute within our field of interest, and as we age we each grow and mature either physically or mentally, and it’s within the field of maturity  where true beauty arrives, because…

Each person is beautiful; excellent; wonderful; remarkable…

Unfortunately the old can’t teach the young the wisdom of the true definition of “beautiful”,  but I love that I can let her know that, “YES!” Women truly do find their inner beauty, and it’s a beautiful moment when we find it!”


Onward to the beauty of wisdom!



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2 responses to “I MADE IT!

  1. “I made you thrive like a plant in the field; and you grew, matured, and became very beautiful.” Ezekiel 16:7 – Awesome verse!!! This may become one of my new favorites 🙂

  2. As usual, I loved it. It got me thinking about all my friends and what they have contributed to my inner beauty. Thank you. love, Terry

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