Dreams at 17!

Dreams at 17

Yesterday I was invited to the Odyssey to receive a “thank you” for donating gifts of comfort to hospitalized children. The Odyssey is a beautiful restaurant that brought back a moment in my life that I’ve never forgotten.

The last time I walked through the doors of the Odyssey I was 17 years old, wearing a creamy white formal gown, the perfect corsage, and knew that would be my last high school event, next to graduation, that I would attend. The night was perfect, and as I sat at the dining table (with my soon-to-be graduating friends) I can still see me looking around the room wondering what would become of everyone.  Would they become all that they wanted to be? Would the perfect couples have the perfect marriages?  What would become of me? Would I accomplish all that I wanted to become, and as the evening came to a close I walked over to the window, looked up to the stars and prayed that life would become more than I could ever imagine, and then I stood by the window and waved to everyone as they left.

Then yesterday, as the event came to a close, I walked over to the same window that I stood by decades ago and realized that the last time I stood there it was evening and all I seemed to notice were the stars, but yesterday my view became complete. I could see far beyond the dreams that I had at 17 and realized that my life did become more than I could ever imagine it could be. I was back at that restaurant because I had  accomplished my dreams, and the funny thing is this…

The definitions of odyssey are:

A long wandering voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune!

An intellectual or spiritual wandering quest!

This morning, as I was having my coffee, I realized that each one of us is on a long wandering voyage marked with many changes in our fortunes, but my ultimate voyage  has been my intellectual quest which lead me to find the spirit which lives within me. All morning I’ve been in awe of the fact that  in the simplicity of the moment yesterday… my being there had nothing to do with me being handed a “thank you” for giving comfort to hospitalized children, but to “thank” God for reminding me that He gave me the answers to the questions I was seeking.


The interesting part was as I was leaving I turned back and looked at the window and saw myself standing there decades before, and for a quick moment my young self turned and smiled at me and my old self smiled back at her, and as I got in my car and drove away I realized that the only fortune I will ever take with me is the faith in knowing that at some point within my life God stopped my wandering quest and I found Him!

In closing I just want to say that God reminded me that it’s okay to wander, but we have to know what we’re wondering for?

A man found him wandering around in the fields and asked him, “What are you looking for?” Genesis 37:15





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4 responses to “Dreams at 17!

  1. Alexandra

    This was powerful and brought tears to my eyes.

  2. I love this one, Gina! Fabulous..

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