Kenn's Picture from His Facebook Page

I’m not sure who introduced me to Kenn, but a few years ago I was introduced to him through a friend on  Facebook.  From the moment I clicked “Accept Friend Request” our relationship began, and through the years I have been blessed to  get to know him on a personal level.

What makes Kenn so special?

His  love for others.

Kenn is not one of those men you would find working on Wall Street, or within the Corporate world. You won’t find Kenn working an 8 to 5 job, or studying to finish his degree. No, Kenn is not “that” guy. Where you will find Kenn is getting up each day with thankfulness in his heart. You will find him praying that God blesses him with a day in which he can get up and move around his home. On the days where God has blessed him with just a little more energy you will find him cleaning his home, shopping for food and grateful that he was able to move without shaking. Kenn lives with ailments that keep him from doing the many things in life that most of us take for granted, but there is something special that Kenn does that no one else I know does.

Kenn wakes up each day and personally sends prayers to those he considers his friends. He sits silently at his computer and I know he truly thinks about which verse he’s going to send. When his heart knows what those he’s praying for needs to hear he then goes to his Bible and places the names of those he’s praying for within the prayer.  This morning when I logged on to Facebook, this was the prayer in which Kenn sent—

Heavenly Father, may Gina love the Lord with her whole heart, soul, mind and strength; yea Father, and may she love her neighbor as herself; and Lord, show her Your ways and teach her Your paths; yea Lord; and guide her in your truth and teach her; for You O Lord, are her God and Savior; and may her hope be in You alone O Lord, and pour out Your great mercy and love upon her all the days of her life; and according to Your everlasting love, remember her; and Father, may she purify herself by obeying the truth of Your Word with all diligence; and Lord, may she rejoice with unspeakable joy awaiting Your return; and Father, may she be guided, directed and led in all the paths of righteousness; and Father, may You hide her in the wings of Your love; and Lord, may You give her peace at all times and in every way; and Father, may Your perfect plans be accomplished in her life this day; and Father, may she be strong in the Lord, yea Father, and may she walk boldly, confidently and victoriously in the power of His might; and Father, sanctify her through your truth: for Your word is truth. In Christ’s name I pray Amen and Amen

When I finished reading his prayer for me  I sent him a “thank you” and continued on with my morning. This is how I always respond to the prayers that he sends. I read them and thank him, but this morning was different. Today, God put him on my heart to add Kenn’s prayer to my Appointments with God, and I thought, Well of course I would want to forever remember the man who sends his heart out daily to those he loves! As I was getting ready to write this appointment I went to Facebook to collect my prayer so I could cut-and-paste it, and it was then I noticed that today is Kenn’s birthday. At that moment I SMiled and realized that was the reason why God prompted me to share Kenn today. Today is his turn to receive words of love and kindness from me.

So, in celebration of your birthday Kenn, my prayer for you is that you know how important you are to God and those who call you friend. You are unselfish and kind. Loving and faithful. You have a heart which beats beyond measure and the gift that God has given you is to understand what’s important about being given the gift of life, and that is the importance of loving others.

And, God shared with my heart today that He is celebrating the day you were born, and wants you to know…  “Well done Kenn. YOU ARE my good and faithful servant. YOU HAVE been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I WILL give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’ Matthew 25:23  And… the more responsibilities God  is talking about is you will receive more friends to pray for, because friendships are our true gifts and treasurers.

Happy Birthday Kenn. What a blessing you are to my life.





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2 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENN!

  1. What a wonderful thing it is when another raises our name in prayer before our Heavenly Father, a wonderful blessing for us, and for the brother or sister in Christ raising the prayer!

    Happy Birthday, Ken!

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