A few nights ago I was invited by a friend to a Christmas performance at a church.  As my friend and I walked through the church doors we were  greeted by two men who were standing outside the church,  and when we walked through the glass doors we were  greeted by more smiling faces, and  handed a program.  When we finally found our seats I watched as the choir found theirs. Over 50 people dressed in black and white sat together to bring song to their audience before them.

A moment later, silence entered the room, the choir director lifted his wand, and within a moment I wanted to put my hands over my ears. Now, I am all about contemporary Christian music, but there are moments when music needs to be remembered.

What happened to Silent Night, and the days when it was played silently?

For the past few days I’ve been wondering what happened to the days of ol’? When I was child and would go to church, there was something peaceful about the music. Now it seems that each time I enter a church the music gets louder and louder.

I also remember when the choir performed each Sunday, and now it seems that each church I go to, they have a small group of singers each week, and the choir only gathers to sing together during the holidays.

Many people say that churches are changing because of the times, “One must be contemporary if we’re going to get more young people to go to church.”

I disagree.

I was young the first time I walked into a church,  and the one thing I loved most about it, was the peace that arrived the moment I walked through the church doors, and choir began to sing.

Now, I love all music, but I truly do miss the choirs that used to sing each Sunday, and my prayer this Christmas is that there’s a church  somewhere that  sings, Silent Night, with a peaceful silence.

Oh come, let us sing to the Lord, let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Psalm 95:1


Onward to the music.




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2 responses to “I MISS SILENT NIGHT…

  1. I agree!!! Music is wonderful, but let’s remember Isaiah 1:12 (this translation from The Message)
    When you come before me,
    whoever gave you the idea of acting like this,
    Running here and there, doing this and that—
    all this sheer commotion in the place provided for worship?
    Let’s stop the commotion!

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