Yesterday I had the privilege of  being asked to be a guest speaker for an organization whose focus is to give to children in all walks of life. When I arrived I was greeted by a group of individuals whose ages ranged from 55 to 85.

As the meeting got underway the president went around the room and asked each person to share how they were doing. It was amazing to hear the stories of these individuals because each one was enduring something major within their life. One had a wife who was in an assistant living home because she had Alzheimer Disease.

“I have a blessing to report. Yesterday I got to spend the day with my wife and for the first time in six months she had a ‘moment’ where she remembered me.  As I was visiting her (what were once glazed eyes) turned into clarity, and for a moment she looked at me and she knew exactly who I was.” Tears filled within his eyes as he spoke, and with a smile he shared… “And I told her I was going to see all of you, and for a ‘moment’ she remembered and asked me to tell you each ‘hello’ and send her love!”

It was at that moment when I understood the importance of the true definition of: moment.

Next was a woman who was diagnosed with Cancer who shared that she had seen the doctor and it  looked like she was finally in remission, and that she would live another day. The look on her face reminded me of a woman who had been running the race of her life but was finally able to find a quiet spot to sit and rest.

As the conversation went around the room, another woman spoke on how excited she was to be out of her home, and how each week she looked forward to having lunch with friends. “Since my husband passed away, and my children live in different states, my home gets rather quiet. I would like to thank each of you for showing up each week and giving me something to look forward to next week!”

There were similar stories, but the one commonality each of them had were they were so thankful for the friendships of others, and a safe place where they could share their hearts. A place where what they were going through mattered to the person they were sitting next to. A place where being accepted wasn’t questioned, but understood.

As I was driving home yesterday I began talking to the Lord, and it was at that moment where I realized that the “true” reason my heart silently speaks to the Lord each day is because there is where I find the meeting of my heart. A place where I can come during each day where I know that for a moment someone knows who I am, and that when I show up again… He’ll be there waiting.

If anyone happens to find my tiny Appointment with God today and you are feeling is if you are going through more than  you would like to,  I know someone who would  love to be your friend…

“All of you who are struggling and are burdened, come to me, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28








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2 responses to “A MEETING OF HEARTS…

  1. Over the last few years I have had students in my youth group with seemingly overwhelming burdens. (cancer, spiritual attack, abuse, anxiety) Yet, they have all found hope in Jesus who has a light burden and rest for them.

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