Yesterday I was working in my office and listening to KLove Radio. KLove Radio was doing a drive to raise money to keep their radio station funded so that others could tune in and listen to Christian radio. As I was listening one of the radio personalities said, “Did you know that only 10% of those who listen to KLove Radio donate to this radio station, and 90% of those who listen, listen for free!”

At that moment I began thinking about where our food comes from. Did you know that 1% of the population feeds the rest of the 99% of our population?  Yep. That’s right. Farmers who wake up and have to go to work, 365 days a week, rain or shine, who get paid pennies on the dollar, feed the world.

The reason I share these statistics is that the farmers feed our bodies and (for those of us who are Christians) KLove Radio feeds our soul.

As I was listening yesterday, I was thinking how blessed I was that others were giving so that I would be able to listen. And because of the non-profit that God has placed within my heart to do, all my time, energy, and money   goes to giving gifts of comfort to children and adults who are hospitalized with a life-threatening who are feeling alone.

The reason I’m sharing this is all that God has ever asked from any of us is to give 10% back to help others, and I was thinking that if KLove was being funded by 10% of their listeners and there are  90% of us who are giving to other things that KLove can’t give to, but are equally as important,  isn’t that a perfect example of God taking 10% of all the gifts that are given and blessing the other 90%?

And it’s such a grand reminder that if God only wants us to give back to Him 10% of what we earn, it shows us how many people can become blessed because of it.

Now, I understand that most people look at business and even non-profits as a numbers game, but my continued prayer each day is that God is able to take what little I have to give, and bless it abundantly, and KLove Radio is a perfect example of abundance! 10% of the people are feeding 90% of us.

To those who support KLove Radio. I would like to personally thank you for giving so that I can continue to listen, and I promise you that each time a gift of comfort is delivered, I want you to know that if you have a heart to comfort those who are hospitalized and alone… your heart will be delivered.

I believe that if each person gave to just one thing within their life… their one thing would be blessed 99 times over!

“Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD YOUR GOD which He has given you.”Deuteronomy 16:17



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