This morning I was thinking about all of my friends, and within a moment I realized that I don’t have one single friend who isn’t going through at least one adversity within their life. As I was thinking about them I  grabbed a piece of paper and on the left-hand side I wrote their name and on the right-hand side I wrote their adversity, and with each name and each adversity I was able to see the definition of the word commonality: A shared feature or attribute.

It was amazing when  I was able to look at everyone that I love and realize how much we each had in common. What God showed my heart was that I have many friends who are going through what I’ve gone through and while it seemed hard at the time… it was liberating being able to get through them.

I then made a list of all the people I’ve known who have gone through the things I am going through right now and they survived. I’m telling you… making lists of people and their adversities makes for the best proof of what the heart can do when adversity presents itself.

The funny part was when I got done making my lists I looked over and there was my Bible and I had to SMile.  Within the Bible God did the same thing. He made a detailed list of the names of those before us who went through similar adversities and survived.

Each day more and more people are contacting me with their fears of what their tomorrow can become, but I would like to challenge anyone who is fearful to make a list of all those you know who are going through something. When you are through with that list…  write a list of  those you know who have gone through something similar to you and survived. I believe that what you will find is similar to what I found…


Each human being has one thing in common: Fear.

We fear everything from the way we look, to what we wear, to the jobs we do, to what friends think of us, to disappointing our family, friends, employers.  We’re fearful about not having enough money, food, etc. What I found when I made my list was there was so much fear that there was no room for “true” faith, because one can not be fearful and faithful at the same time.

The one commonality that God wants us to share is “FAITH!” Faith in knowing that the adversity in our life is what truly defines our life— because everyone knows that a story without adversity and triumph is no story at all!

And, it’s true what Jesus says…
And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for the one who believes…” Mark 9:23




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