The other day I heard the news that Phyllis Diller passed away. Phyllis was born on July 17, 1917, and passed away on August 20, 2012. She lived, loved and laughed for 95 years and last year I was blessed to be able to personally meet her.

When I was a child my grandmother loved her and always wanted to meet her. She would go to Vegas, watch her shows and every now and again she would see her walk by from afar. When she would return from Vegas she would share with me the excitement that she felt each and every time she listened to her. Phyllis Diller was one of her favorites, not just because she made her laugh, but because she was the first woman comedian who paved the way for so many other women who dreamed to be something “different!”

In 2004 my grandmother passed away, and from that time on every time I would get the opportunity to watch and old Phyllis Diller and Bob Hope  movie I would watch it. It always gave me a few hours to remember the simple moments I spent with my grandmother in laughter.

Then last year my friend, Linda, called  and asked if I wanted to go to Phyllis’ home and meet her. Of course I did. So, I went.

The moment I walked into her home I could see the connection that my grandmother had to Phyllis. My grandmother was a year younger than Phyllis and as I walked through her home I could see all the things that she loved were similiar to my grandmother. Pictures of her family. Life. And, she was a painter. My grandmother also was a painter and loved to hang her art work so others could enjoy the beauty that she painted.

When the moment came for me to meet Phyllis I bent down and said, “You have no idea how excited I am to meet you. My grandmother loved you and always wanted to meet you. I’m so sorry she never got the opportunity, but I just wanted you to know what a difference you made in her life.”

Phyllis smiled, gave me a hug and a few days later my friend Linda showed up at my home with a copy of Phyllis’ book. Inscribed inside was: TO ALL WHO DREAM!

It took me a few days to read her book, and when I was finished I realized that her life truly went from tragedy to triumph, and since her death I’ve been wondering something. I wonder if God puts dreams within our hearts that we may never get to accomplish, but  when we  dream out-loud and share them with others, then when the time is right for the dream to become a reality… it does!

Because when I met Phyllis Diller I felt like I finished my grandmother’s dream, and her heart’s desire happened, and it happened because my heart was so intertwined with hers that I knew that she was with me.

Humm… these are the moments where I understand Jesus. His dream was to bring salvation to the world, and that is why when one loves the dreamer… one will stop at nothing to help accomplish the dreams of those we love.

There are many dreams I aspire to do within my life, but it warms my heart to know that if I don’t get to finish them, someone I love will be given the blessing, and that simply makes me SMile!

So, if anyone happens to read my tiny Appointment with God today and you feel saddened that your dream hasn’t happened yet… stay faithful, because maybe… just maybe… the end of the dream is that someone you love is supposed to receive the gift, because once a gift is given it’s never taken away!

“‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams…” Acts 2:17,

How true that verse is.  My grandmother had the dream, and I was given the vision!





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2 responses to “DREAMS SHARED…

  1. God is faithful in His every promise…sometimes the fulfillment takes a form better than that we ever would be able to dream. God works through you pen, my dear Gina!

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