Recently I’ve been reminded of how fragile life can be. I’m sure it has much to do with the fact that I give gifts of comfort to those who are ill or going through a tragic event within their life, but when “life” happens to me my game plan always changes.

A few weeks ago I was reminded of the fact that I was not born with the healthiest of genes. I’ve been blessed and cursed with a body that wants to do one thing and a mind that thinks it should be doing another, but it wasn’t until the “what if” happened to me that made me stop for a moment and think.

I mean think about this:

What if you were fine in the morning and ended up in the hospital in the afternoon?

What if you were driving in your car one moment, had an accident, totaled your car, and couldn’t afford to replace it?

What if you had a bank account that was full of money, lost your job, and the spiral of unfortunate events occurred?

What if you were married one day and the next divorced?

I could seriously write about the “what if’s” all day, but truth-be-told each person will experience at least one “what if” during their lifetime, and that is when a hypothetical question is turned into reality.

Recently I had a “what if” happen to me that has truly changed the direction of where I’m heading, and at this moment I’m blessed that I was able to experience it. A few weeks ago I ended up in bed. I have an illness that I have to live with, but instead of limiting myself and doing the best of what I could physically do, I was challenging myself to do more, and within a moment my day changed.

Now, being that I had much time to rest and think about my circumstance I also realized that each person is wonderfully and uniquely made and we each have  to figure out the best way to live and work in society, and there are days when that can almost seem impossible…

But is it?

For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about all the people who are not able to work at all. They live with an illness or adversity that hinders them from walking to their cars, driving, even getting dressed without the help of another, but yet we all have the same dreams and aspirations. . Every person wants to do something productive, empactful, and we want to believe that the world was a better place because we contributed, and that much like a child… we want to make sure that at the end of each day all our messes are put away as to not interrupt the lives of others.

While I must admit I have not enjoyed this journey it made me think of my many friends who are ill, and  sitting at home trying to do something, but because of their health and the economy they are having a harder time finding their purpose. So, I’ve been praying about this and I’m going to work very hard to find something that I can do from my home that will allow me to be productive, bring in an income, and then I can share what I’ve learned with my friends.

The best part of this journey is I now question my life differently. Now my question to myself is this… “Gina, what if God allowed you to live with an illness  so  you could help others who are ill find their passion to bring in the extra income in which they need?”

It’s interesting because once I turned my adversity into a fun challenge, my “what if” immediately got changed to making a list on what to do now.

My prayer in sharing my Appointment with God…

If anyone reads my heart today and you are going through an adversity within your life, please  stop for a moment and ask God to show you the reason “why” He turned your “what if” into your reality, and I’ll  bet He’ll show you the beautiful reason why.

Because ultimately how can we understand what someone is going through unless we go through it with them.
Who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Corinthians 1:4





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