Yesterday was my birthday and whenever that day rolls around I get so excited because I realized that God blessed me with another year.

In 1989 I was hospitalized and told that I had heart disease and was given a year to live, and from that moment on… everything changed.

I can remember that moment like it was yesterday. My doctor standing at the foot of my hospital bed sharing that he was sorry, but that there was nothing more they could do, so I prayed. That night I stayed up all night “chatting” with God and asked Him if He would allow me to live until my youngest daughter was 18… I would do anything for Him.

A few days later a doctor came in my room and asked me if they could do a procedure to drain some of the fluid from my heart and I said, “Of course you can!”

When the morning arrived a needle was inserted into my foot, up my leg, through my body,  and up to my heart and then I heard this, “Gina, do you believe in miracles, because I believe you were given one!”

Now, that wasn’t my last hospital visit, but it was the beginning of learning something grand. People can’t give expiration dates of when a person is going to live or die… only God can.

So each year when my birthday comes to town I get so excited to think that I was given 23 more years than my doctor thought I would be given, and because of that I try to keep my promise to God. If He needs me to stop what I’m doing to do something  else… I STOP!

In some ways I’m very blessed that I was able to spend half of my life in and out of hospitals because each day when I wake up I’m reminded of how beautiful and fragile life can be and to truly enjoy each day as they come.

It’s true what Luke said when he shared…
And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power. Acts 1:7

I believe that when one is given sad news we should ask God to give us good news, and my good news  arrives each June 19th as a reminder that with God… ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Praying everyone a “Happy Day” today because we shouldn’t always wait for our birthday to remember that each day we’re given the greatest gift of all… LIFE!





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9 responses to “NO EXPIRATION DATE…

  1. Thank you Gina. This is very wise and helped me with a problem today. Love

  2. The power of my God never seizes to amaze me. .. this is one area of my life where i experience the same grace…

  3. mattjschell

    God is wonderful!

  4. Planting Potatoes

    Happy Being Born Day! Your words bless me and I can sure relate!

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