Lately it seems that people have been challenging my faith. I have many friends that come from all walks of life. We each believe different things and have our reasons why we believe them, and that makes for interesting conversations. I believe that what is written within the Bible (Old and New Testament) is correct.

Why do I believe?

Because since I was a child I’ve been able to see much of what has been written. I’ve seen God within my dreams, and I’ve heard Him within my heart. I’ve questioned His existence in anger only to see that He returned to me with love. I realize that the more I challenged His existence the more He proved Himself to me.

This morning a friend called who was having a bad “life.” As I was listening to her she was sharing how everyone seems to condemn her. Each day at work they challenge her ability to do her job, and her husband is always mocking her. As we were chatting her voice got louder to the point where I had to ask her to please calm her voice. When the two of us hung up the phone I couldn’t believe the similarity to the human heart and God’s. He too doesn’t like to feel like my friend, feeling challenged and constantly having to prove Himself, and I realized that I didn’t like having to justify myself either. I’ve realized that no one should have to constantly prove them self. Either people believe us or they don’t. Either they like us or they don’t, and the same goes for God.

A few moments ago I opened my Bible to the book of Malachi. Malachi means: My messenger.  It’s interesting because the book of Malachi is the only place you will find “Malachi.” And those who put the Bible in content have no idea who he was, so in some ways he’s symbolic for each person who shares God’s message with another.

I also thought it was interesting because others have been challenging my faith, just as others were challenging her. What I realized this morning is  as long as people are uncertain in what they believe or who they are…  tests will constantly occur.  I don’t need to challenge what others believe. I realized this morning that I’ve spent a life-time challenging what I believe, and when I read this verse…

“Bring the whole tithe into my storehouse, so that there are may be food in MY house, and test me now in this,” if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and pour out blessings until it overflows. Malachi 3:10

I had to SMile. How many times have I challenged God just as others have been challenging me?

So, to my beautiful friend who thinks that no one believes in her… I just want you to know that I do. There’s nothing more you need to do. Just keep being the beautiful, loving, person that you are. Remember that if others constantly need to test you, it’s only because they don’t like the answers you are giving them!




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