It’s day’s like today where I’m glad I write to remember.

Two days ago I put together a few boxes filled with Owie BowWowie’s and drove to Northridge Hospital. When I arrived I was greeted by Ryan and Anthony West, and Christopher McMahon, who joined Owie to help bring awareness of the need to give comfort to hospitalized children. Beth Welch, the Child Life Service Director, was waiting for us in the lobby (along with her assistant) and the six of us went up to the children’s ward.

When we arrived Beth escorted us into a room, and Owie’s new friends quickly got together assembling the boxes. I always love when I can stand back and watch others put together OwieBowWowie’s  Gift Packages,  that were donated by those we may never personally meet.  It’s amazing how many people it takes to give one gift of comfort to a child.

When all the Owie’s were placed within their gift boxes, Beth handed each of our new friends a box, and she shared with them how to give comfort away. Each person then took their turn walking into a child’s room, explaining to them that someone special wanted them to have a friend while they were in the hospital. I stood outside each room and watched the faces of the men as they walked out.  It was wonderful to see how their faces changed with each room they walked out of.

There was one room I walked in to, and I’ve been spending the past few days thinking about that room. As I walked in I noticed the mother before I noticed the child. Her eyes were filled with tears, so I placed Owie’s box down and immediately gave the mother a hug as she cried. As I let her go I asked what was wrong with her child. As she shared, it took everything I had not to breakdown. When she finished I hugged her again. Her little girl was sleeping, so instead of giving Owie to her child, I ended up giving Owie to the mother. At that moment she needed a gift of comfort more than her child did.

It’s amazing how one moment life is normal. We get up, go to work, shop for groceries, enjoy our families, but then in a moment life changes and everything that once was… can become what will be!

Every time I do a comfort delivery I am reminded of how quick and fragile life can be. Today I simply want to pray for all the families of those who have loved ones who are ill, and who are uncertain about the future of those they love. Uncertainty can be the most frightening experience one must live through.

I’m so thankful that God reminds me that He stays with these families, when those of us have to leave!

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those in any sort of tribulation through the comfort with which we ourselves are being comforted by God. – 2 Corinthians 1:3,4



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  1. Gina and Team Owie, 17 children felt comfort with your visit to them. With Owie, I remember Russ and feel as though each family who is facing uncertainly they will find strength. I appreciate ALL the people who are working to ensure that OwieBowWowie is there for comfort, whoever, wherever it is needed.

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