Yesterday I was talking to my dear friend Kelly Barker. I met Barker in November when I sent out a plea for help. No, I didn’t need help personally, but I personally needed help with a stuffed, plush toy that God inspired my heart to create. OwieBowWowie has been a work-in-progress for over 23 years. Seven years ago I quit my job and have been doing him full-time, and in November, his time was running out, and that is when Barker showed up.

I believe that when one has done all they can do, and everyone has done all they can do, one must stop and wait to see what God wants us to do!

Now, I’ve always prayed and asked God what He wanted me to do, and its been interesting how each day He gave me enough to get through “each day.” He never gave me enough for “tomorrow” or “next week” or a “month-from-now.” N0, He just gave me enough for each day!

Back to my conversation with Barker… Last night she said to me, “Gina, I’ve only known you since November, but there is such a peace about you now. Do you feel it?”

She was right. Peace had finally arrived, and it arrived when I realized that for the past seven years I’ve been hurrying up and waiting, and since Barker arrived, and can stay to help complete the mission that God put on my heart, I realized that I no longer have to hurry up and wait!

Through Barker, she has brought the expertise of many people. She has combined talents, hearts, and imagination with love, compassion, and laughter. God has given her a gift to have a business mind, a comforting heart, and she knows how to join people together. She reminds me of an orchestra leader who stands on the podium, holding her baton.  As she points to the web designer, his team works tirelessly to create the perfect image of what giving an Owie looks like. As she points her baton over to her graphic artist, she blends all the words with the right illustrations to create a presentation that makes one want to stand and applaud. When she points her baton to those who walk to the front of the stage and they give their solo presentation to corporations, I can only imagine how beautiful that is going to be.

All morning I’ve been thinking about all these years that I hurried up and waited, and there’s a part of me that wished I wasn’t in such a hurry. While I was hurrying up and waiting there was much worry involved that the right people were never going to arrive, and had I truly not been in such a hurry, but “KNEW” that God “KNEW” what was up ahead… I wouldn’t have arrived any faster, but the waiting would have been much more enjoyable.

If anyone reads my heart today, and you too are hurrying up and waiting for God to move quickly in your life, just know that as long as you KNOW that God is the one that lead you to where you are right now, just know that HE will show up. It might not be as quick as you would like it or need it to be, but just know that He’s coming. The trick is to understand that He only arrives when His timing is perfect. And the best part is that when you truly know that He’s coming… that is when PEACE arrives.

AND, I just realized something. It’s not good to hurry up and wait for life to happen, but it is good to hurry up and wait for God, because over the past 23 years I just learned there is a difference, because this is all He wants us to wait for!

 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. Psalm 27:14





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