Yesterday afternoon I received the best gift ever. I got to pick up my granddaughter and bring her home for a sleep over. As the two of us were driving to my home the conversation began.

“MaMaw, what are your favorite flowers?”

“MaMaw, do you want to go to the mall and see the puppies?”

“MaMaw, do you want to play on the big tree house at the mall?”

“MaMaw, do you remember that beautiful picture I colored for you?”

For over an hour my granddaughter asked me question after question, and before I could answer one, she was asking another. As we drove I couldn’t help but giggle. She is nearing four-years-old, and as I listened to her I realized something. She never once asked me a question that went like this:

“MaMaw, so how is your health? Are you feeling good today?”

“MaMaw, how is business going?”

“MaMaw, were you able to make all your bills this month?”

“MaMaw, have you been able to sell that book you wrote?”

No, not one question did she ask about the things that I seem to think about.  All she wanted to “chat” about were things that were lovely, fun, and would make one smile.

Last night when I tucked her into bed she asked me to tell her a story. So, I told her a story. Then she asked me to sing, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star…  and I sang.  As I watched her fall asleep I realized  the importance of what Jesus said:

Jesus, however, called for the children and said, “Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom of God belongs to people like these. Luke 18:16

Children have no stress or worry. They love the simple things in life, and seem to remember them. They never worry about where their food is going to come from, or where they’re going to sleep. They don’t care what clothes they wear, and they love unconditionally— and they give adults a moment to remember the gift of being a child.

And this is also why he shares:  “I tell you with certainty, unless you change and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3

I believe it’s his way of saying, “Hey, do you want to spend eternity with a bunch of people who worry about everything,  or do you want to spend eternity with those who want to play?

I know for me. I’d rather sit on the floor and color with a child, than have coffee with an adult who wants to worry over the high cost of coffee beans!

Praying everyone remembers what it’s like to have a “worry-free” day!





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8 responses to “DO YOU REMEMBER?

  1. Robin

    perfectly said, as always… enjoy that little one MaMaw! XXOO

  2. I think I’d rather play… No worries today!

  3. So true! Reading your blog today reminded me of how much I enjoyed those times when my children were young and asked me so many wide eyed fun questions! Thank you!

  4. Wonderful story, one I can relate to from a time years ago with my now very adult niece. She was about 3 the first year, and came to visit just before Christmas. We went to a Mall where she played for an hour in a fountain, splashing her hands in the water and giggling. We then went around the corner for some ice cream. The next year, same time, same mall, same fountain. This time, however, it was a very quick token splash in the fountain, and then the question “Ice cream now?” How well they remember.

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