I love the unexpected gifts of life and today I received one.

Pouring myself a cup of coffee my cell phone began to vibrate. Reaching in my robe pocket I pulled out my phone and I smiled when I saw this picture…

And the text shared that my granddaughter was on her way for a visit.

It’s interesting how quickly my eyes filled with tears. I don’t get to see my daughter-in-law, and granddaughter as often as I would like. It’s interesting how I think often about the time I spent raising my children, and then when they became adults  they each moved “onward” with their lives. How quickly that time went.

Now, each of my children are living their lives and I get to wait for the unexpected moments in life.

What I love most about “expecting the unexpected” is that I’m ready. If my husband goes to McDonald’s for lunch he gets a Happy Meal, and then brings home the little toy and we place it in the toy chest.  If I stop at the Dollar Store  and see something that I think my granddaughter would like, I buy it and stick it in the toy chest.

Each morning I get up, make my bed, and make sure my house is clean with hope that the  “unexpected” will happen— because ultimately it’s when we’re not ready for visitors when they arrive.

And, the more I wait for those I love to arrive I get a closer understanding of why God shares the importance of watching for those we love…

Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.” Matthew 24:42 

All I know is that no matter what happens in life, the unexpected always arrives… the fun part is to wait for it with anticipation!




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2 responses to “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

  1. She is so sweet looking. I don’t have grand babies yet, but I do look forward to cherishing little ones to love even more the second time around!

    • She is sweet, smart and has the most amazing imagination. And, yes… being a grandma is the best. We get to watch our children give “all” their love away to their children. Nothing better than that!

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