Yesterday I had the hardest day of my life. It seemed that no matter what I touched, it seemed to break. By the end of the day I felt so defeated that I couldn’t seem to breathe.  By 5:30 p.m. I decided that the rest of my evening was going to be a Captain Morgan night. I hardly ever drink, but I was going to pour me a gallon of Rum with a splash of Coke and simply sip until there was nothing left within my glass.

At 6:00 p.m. I grabbed by glass, filled it with ice, and then proceeded to make my drink. I then put on my apron and began making dinner. Within 15 minutes I noticed that the ice in my glass began to melt. It always fascinates me how ice can melt, and it never seems to pour over the top. What I did notice was that when  I first poured my drink the mixture was so dark that I couldn’t see through it. As the ice melted my drink  became transparent and clear.  I actually stopped what I was doing and placed my face against the glass and smiled. What (moments ago had been hard to look through) had just become clear and I could actually look through the glass.

I then took a deep breath, and realized that God was using something that I could see. It was stress that made me justify that I was going to have a Rum and Coke to calm my nerves. I had become stressed because my heart couldn’t seem to “see” beyond the dark and murky piles of my life. It seemed that because I couldn’t see beyond the darkness, and instead of trusting that God could see beyond, and to simply keep going, I caved. I allowed the emotions of my life to actually interrupt my life.  I left the glass on the counter, never even taking a sip, and then this morning  I checked on it and smiled in amazement at what I saw.  It wasn’t dark, but perfectly clear… with a touch of brown that when the light reflected through it made it look like a calming stream.

For the past few hours I’ve been thinking about what I saw, and I realized that “yes” life is hard. It’s hard for everyone, and each of us have that bad day where we just want to escape it… even if it’s for a few hours. What I learned today is that had I actually drank the drink in which I poured, I would still be sleeping. I would not have felt better, but worse, and I would have missed the beautiful illustration of what it’s like to sit still and wait for the “stress to pass!”

And, God in His loving kindness confirmed the message He was sending. The slogan for Captain Morgan’s Rum is: Drink Responsibly… Captains Orders!

And my Captain says,  “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.” Ephesians 5:6

I can honestly write that was the best drink I’ve ever poured!




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  1. Great story and great application. God Bless..

  2. I love your blog and want to share with my friends. Hope this works.

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