Last night my friend, Lynden, and I went and set up a booth for OwieBowWowie. When we arrived we grabbed what we needed from my car, and one of the things I tote with me is a very large replica of OwieBowWowie. He is so large that he seems to catch the eyes of onlookers. As I was walking through the door I happened to be holding this large dog by the ear, when one of the hotel employees stopped me and said, “Hey, don’t hold the dog by the ear. Let me carry him for you.”  When I assured him that I wasn’t going to rip the ear off the dog, Big Owie, and I continued on until we found our table.

When Lynden and I were finished putting out our display it seemed that “Big Owie” became the king of the ball. It was interesting to me how many men came over to ask if they could have him for their child. One man said, “I love this dog. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, can I have him?”

Can you HAVE him? Really?

As the night continued on and people stopped to ask about OwieBowWowie and the hospitalized children, we would always get the same reply, “Oh, that’s so sad to think there are so many children who don’t have anyone to visit them in the hospital.”

Person after person was drawn to our table because of “Big Owie” and most wanted to keep him for themselves.   The interesting part was that “Little Owie” the one who gives comfort to other children… children we never get to meet… he seemed to have a harder time getting notice.

Lynden and I started talking about how similar “Big Owie” and “Little Owie” are to people in life. It seems that people are drawn to those who are BIG. This past week the news has shared the great loss of Whitney Houston. It seems that she’s so big that they are going to close down streets to keep the onlookers from looking on… but not long ago I lost a friend who died in similar circumstances, and only had a handful of people showed up for her funeral. Yes, it seems that within life we have a perception of what BIG actually is.

I’m wondering if the world looked at each person as being  “BIG,” if the world wouldn’t be a much different place.

Years ago I was walking through a cemetery and noticed a plot that had no name,  no dates, and all that was written on the tombstone was PSALM 142:4

I happened to have a small Bible in my purse so I immediately opened it, and this is what the person was sharing about their life…

I look for someone to come and help me, but no one gives me a passing thought! No one will help me; no one cares a bit what happens to me. Psalm 142:4

There’s a saying that states: “Go big or go home!” I guess that’s what the tombstone meant. He or she couldn’t seem to feel big within this world, so my prayer is that whoever was in that grave found the peace he or she was looking for when he or she arrived home.  And, I know that words written on tombstones are important, because we do want to share one last message, and mine is going to read: Gina Woods, ONWARD BY FAITH!

My prayer for the world today is that each person sees the “BIG” in everyone, because there are no small people, only people who believe they are small.




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