This morning I was looking through my file cabinet and found files with my children’s names written on them and without thinking—  I began to look through each one. It’s amazing how quickly my children grew up, and now I am  left with the memories that are within my heart, photographs of moments I’ve never wanted to forget, and  files sharing words that I never wanted to be misplaced.

It was fun to stop working and be reminded of  how each of my children had to learn to write. Each had to learn  to spell, and each received the gift of learning the power of crayons. The pictures  I saved I’m not exactly sure what they were drawing, but the moment I looked at them,  I could remember the day in which I saved them, and the smile on each of my children’s  faces  as they handed me the inspiration that was within their heart.  I’m sure if I gave them a blank piece of paper and some crayons now, their pictures would be much different.

The one thing I’ve loved most about being a mother is I got to experience how different each of my children are. They each wanted to be different things when they grew up, and each wanted to be accepted and loved by each other. There were no favorites within our household, but I always would tell each one, “Now, you know you’re my favorite… just don’t tell your siblings. It will be our secret!”  They would smile and go on their way. I know they knew that I loved each of them unconditionally, and without favor, but I also knew that there are times when children need to know that they are special, and that one person loves them that much.

When I was done going through their files I found another file that read: Gina’s Prayers. I pulled it out and there were notes that I had written to God looking for favor. I wanted to know if He was listening to me. I needed to know that during a time in my life when I didn’t think that anyone was noticing me… He was. It was interesting because I realized that when I put all those questions in the file, what I was really wanting to hear was, “Now, you know you’re my favorite… just don’t tell your siblings. It will be our secret!”

It’s interesting how it’s only taken me 35 years to understand that while I thought I needed to be the “favorite” of someone,  I learned today that I was.

For each person that becomes a child of God… He takes each of us aside and says, “”Now, you know you’re my favorite… just don’t tell your siblings. It will be our secret!”

And the most important thing is the “why” in which He says that.

God does allow us to keep our relationship with Him a secret. It’s up to us to decide whether or not we want to share it with anyone.

BUT once we do,  “I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God.” Luke 12:8






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5 responses to “FILE THIS!

  1. I was just looking through pictures from the last five years and it is amazing. I had recently come across a notebook where I kept a list of things I was praying through. It was amazing to look back and see what God had done with them.

  2. Brenda

    I did the same thing! One day my two younger boys were arguing and each told the other that he was my favorite. So they confronted me. The pressure was on. Good memories. Thank you for showing me how that translates to our heavenly Father.

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