It always amazes me how each day God shows me the beauty of His Word.

Yesterday I shared that my friend Kelly, lost her brother. When one losses someone the dynamics of what was, has been changed to what-will-be.

In the afternoon I received  a phone call from Kelly sharing that in lieu of flowers she was going to ask everyone who knew her brother to donate to OwieBowWowie  in his memory.  She decided that while flowers are beautiful they are not everlasting, but a gift of comfort to a child is.

This morning I went to my Bible to read what God needed me to understand and I need to share with Kelly the dynamics of giving love away.

In Genesis, Chapter 4, there is the first recorded story of a mother who lost her son. Adam and Eve had two sons. One was named Cain and the other Abel. To not get sidetracked from the message I want to share, Cain killed Abel, and Eve was left  heartbroken with the devastation of the loss of her son.

But, when I arrived at Genesis 4:25,  and read: “And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed…”  

Eve was sharing that she had no idea why God would allow her son to be killed, but her heart knew that she could trust God, and that life was going to continue on because God gave her another seed

As I continued reading I realized the message… Genesis 4:26 shares, When Seth grew up, he had a son and named him Enosh. It was during his lifetime that people first began to worship the LORD. 

It was through the seed of Seth, that he was given a son named Enosh, who would be the first generation to worship the LORD!

After I finished reading through Genesis 4, I smiled. I then went and found this picture of  Owie, and I believe with ALL  my heart that God had us create this message so that when it needed to be sent to its rightful owner, the message would arrive on time!

Kelly, thank you for joining your broken heart with the memory of your brother, and planting seeds of healing, hope, and love for children who need to be reminded that with love, all things are possible.

What a beautiful garden you are planting in memory of your brother.




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5 responses to “THE COST OF A SIMPLE SEED!

  1. I can tell by your heartfelt post that you are a good friend for Kelly to have. Wonderful post.

  2. Great insight into God’s Word!

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