I just took a sip of coffee before I started typing. Seems I needed a little something to help swallow my tears.

Each day I pen my Appointments with God so that I can remember the day in which I saw Him. It seems that He’s always showing up allowing me to write something today that I may need to refer back to months from now. That’s what happened to me this morning. Today I scrolled back three months and God reminded me that He knew all along what was going to happen yesterday.

Three months ago I was praying for a friend to help with my non-profit and in November, God introduced me to Kelly Barker. Kelly lives in Michigan and I live in California, and during this time the two of us have become the best of friends but… have yet to meet face-to-face.

Yesterday my dear friend Kelly, lost her brother, Russ in an accident.

I’ve always called “accidents” appointments.  I have never believed that accidents happen. I’ve always believed that the day we are born God makes an appointment with each of us and He appoints us each a day in which our souls will enter heaven. Most appointments within our lives we make. We make appointments with doctors. We make them to get our hair and nails done. To get our cars serviced… the list goes on and on, but we don’t make an appointed time for the day we are born, nor do most make an appointed time for the day we move onward into heaven.  It’s God’s appointed time.

Within my life I’ve lost many people whom I’ve loved. I went looking for God because I actually lost someone who I loved very much, and I wanted to one day see him again.

During the past three months that Kelly and I have been getting to know each other,  I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know her brother. Each day she would tell me a story about him, and this is what I know. Kelly was 10 years older than Russ and she loved him like a son. The two of them were in business together, and what Russ couldn’t do, Kelly would do, and what Kelly couldn’t do, Russ would do! Russ loved his business, and everyone he did business with loved him. Russ was engaged to be married, and on the last day of his life he went Snowmobiling. God made sure that when Russ’ appointed time arrived that he would be doing what he loved to do.

Today my prayer for Kelly and her family is that God will bring them peace and comfort during this time.

I love this passage that Jesus shares in John 7:33, It’s such a grand reminder that from where we came from, we will return.

Therefore Jesus said, “For a little while longer I am with you, then I go to Him who sent Me.” John 7:33





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  1. Gina, I know Kelly will find God’s love is true, in spite of the hurt, even more so because of the hurt. Jesus wept, and we can too. Your writings will bless her, and we will pray for her.

  2. Gina, your letter is so beautiful. I have heard about you from Kelly and most
    recently from my daughter Judi Weel. Thank you for spreading the Word of
    God . I am going to learn from you to make my appointments.

  3. It is hard to make sense of it. A 17 year old boy killed himself here last week and it just shocks everyone. We grieve, but thankfully have hope. I don’t need to know everything, I just need to know God. Anyways, this was well written and clearly speaks your heart and love for this person.

    • Derek,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I’ve known many who have committed suicide, and it’s heartbreaking to know that someone is hurting that much. I agree, I just need to know God too.

      Sending you a hug!

  4. Gina,

    Well put, simple and yet elegant just as G-d is in our life. Kelly loves Russ. She will always love her brother and even in keeping this “appointment,” Russ will once again share more with Kelly.

    Kelly is a very strong woman of faith. Her passion has always been to serve others including Russ and her extended family. Kelly and her family are in our prayers.

  5. I am so very grateful to know you and that God blessed Kelly with your friendship. Several members of her Chicago family are leaving tomorrow to drive to Michigan to be with her during this burial weekend. I as well as a few others will stay with her to just be with her and pray, a few days afterwards or as long as she wants us.

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