Today my husband called and asked  if he could bring me lunch. He was heading to the Deli, and wanted to know if I wanted a sandwich. I told him that I was heading out the door, but to please bring one home. Normally I say, “No thank you!”  but today I was meeting a friend and was excited at the thought that we could share a sandwich together. When the sandwich arrived my friend, Lynden picked me up and the two of us went to the park and enjoyed our lunch together.

When lunch was finished the two of us went to JoAnn’s Fabrics,  walked through the craft aisles, and discussed all the things we enjoyed creating. I can honestly write that I don’t believe there isn’t anything that she can’t do. I’m truly in awe of her every time we get together.

“Lynden, can you crochet this?”


Lynden, can you knit this?”


“Lynden, can you sew this?”

“Of course!”

As I followed her around today I realized the importance of making gifts for other people. When we make a gift for someone we love, we are actually saying, “I love you so much that I wanted to take the time to make you something that was just for you!”

With each item she purchased  she knew exactly what she wanted to make, the colors, and why she chose to make that specific project. I’m one of those people who want to make it, but then neglect to read the instructions  and  it becomes something that I can’t give away, and I have not a clue what to do with it!

When we were done at the craft store we headed to the Dollar Store, and we stumbled across the book section. I told her my greatest fear was to write a novel that would one day end up in the Dollar Store, and right when I said that I found a book that I wanted and could now afford.  So, I learned a lesson. The Dollar Store is exactly where I want to end up, because all my friends could afford to buy one!

When our shopping spree was over (and we were driving home) I looked over at her and I could tell that she was thinking the same thing I was so I asked, “Lynden, are you feeling guilty that we spent the afternoon having fun and not sitting in our offices working?”

“Yes, thank you. I can’t believe how guilty I feel!”

As we drove home the two of us laughed though our guilt and promised each other that we  would get together once a week for a play date.

The most important thing that I learned today was this. In the world of business I am constantly hearing people say, “Man, I can’t believe we missed that opportunity  to close that deal.” Or “I can’t believe I missed that opportunity to invest in that business!”

What I realized today was that I almost missed an opportunity to spend a few hours with a woman who makes me laugh, inspires me, and has wisdom and knowledge to share.

So, to my friend Lynden. Thank you so much for understanding how I felt, and  agreeing that we don’t want to miss anymore opportunities to spend time with those we love!

“Be very careful, then, how you live — not as unwise but wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:15-16

And, if you would like the opportunity to meet my amazing friend, please check out her blog at: http://www.aneleganttouch-lynden.blogspot.com/   Tell her “Gina” sent you!





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9 responses to “MISSED OPPORTUNITY!

  1. It is about being 100% focused wherever you are. Time with a friend is not a missed opportunity unless you are constantly on your phone during the visit.

  2. You’re so right Derek. No, we were not on the phone, just within the back our minds we knew we had work to do. This is something many women have to learn… that it’s okay to take a day off and play. I’m looking forward to learning how to play again! HUGS!

  3. The greatest gift we can give to another is our love. Giving that love is the one opportunity we should never miss, because we may never have that chance again. I have lived through too many instances of wanting to be back together with another, usually someone who has taken ill, only to have delayed doing so until it was too late.

    Thank you Gina, for your insights. HUGS!

  4. Hi, Stopping by from Lynden’s FB page. I’m a new blogging buddy of hers and I can tell you that she is as kind and giving online as she is in person as your friend. Nice post!

    • Katy,
      Lynden has spoken very highly of you also, and has shared your blog with me. She loves your writing and enjoys your humor. Keep sharing your heart with many. Children are where the best stories are found!

  5. morganpardee

    Hahaha! I can’t believe it. Just before I read your blog, Gina I was in the kitchen making coffee, when I bent over to water some plants and split the butt out of my LAST pair of flannel pajama pants. I’ve been trying to buy new ones for months, but I can’t afford to pay the $20 or more dollars they cost. And now all the stores are filled with spring clothing. I have a brand new sewing machine I bought years ago and have never used, and I was just sitting down to go to JoAnne’s website to buy what I needed to make a few new pairs when I saw your post in my email box (I read you every day). I’m glad you had such a great day with your friend. And I am so grateful that you are MY friend. Love you!

  6. What a wonderful afternoon!!
    And how beautiful to see the “gift” in the time together.

    And I *heart* Lynden too. 🙂 (Blogging Buddy Group #41 Unite!!! ) *grin*

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