The other day I went to the Post Office and while I was there I met a man.  I wasn’t supposed to be there, and God arranged for the two of us to meet. I’ve only known this man since Tuesday morning, but I now see why God introduced us.

I’ve only known this person for less than 48 hours, and yet I’ve learned so much from him. My favorite movie in the whole wide world is, “White Christmas.” Within the movie there is a man who served as a General in the Army who gets older and retires. Then after  months-and-months of civilian life,  he discovers that he needs to go back to work. He wants to “feel” useful again. He sends a letter out requesting re-enlistment, and is “hopeful” that they are going to take him back. When the letter (he’s been waiting for) finally arrives he reads that he is no longer “needed,”  and he decides at that moment it would be a good time to take up playing Horseshoes.

I’ve always loved that movie because there are so many good questions within it.  Shares the importance of other people, and how to help each other. Reminds me that no matter the century, there will always be those  who are unemployed, losing their homes, and are too young to spend their days playing Horseshoes!

Every day each  of us wake up, take our showers, eat  breakfast and then our day begins. We either hop in our cars and head to work or we find our way to our home office, but ultimately each person is given a job.  Maybe we work raising our children, or even caring for a loved one, but ultimately each person in life needs something to do that is impactful and remembered.

President Reagan once wrote that if every church within the United States of America (no matter the denomination) took in and cared for 3 people, then no one would ever go hungry or be without warmth. I’m sure the numbers are on the rise, but I’m thinking there’s someone I can call who can help me figure out what the exact numbers are. And once I have those numbers I’m going to start calling those churches. Who wants to help me?

Everyone matters.

do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Philippians 2:4



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