Yesterday I was in cleaning my office when I reached into a box and found something I had been searching for. My new apron!

While most people put on their best clothes to go to work, or a uniform, when I go into my office I put on my apron.

When my children were young my clothing changed by the job. I went from chore clothes (overalls and an over-sized jacket when I was feeding livestock) to nice clothing when I went to work. When I returned home the chore clothes would be put back on, but then when I was done, and it was time to clean my house and make dinner, I would immediately reach for my grandmother’s apron that she handed down to me.

Something about wearing her apron made me feel special. I could make a mess when I was cooking and not ruin my clothing. I could wipe my hands when they were wet, and I could wipe my kids faces when they came in the house with a mess with convenience.

When my children were young, and I started a business, I decided I would call it: Just Mom. Everything that I did, or produced had something to do with mothers and children, and until the day I die, JUST MOM, is who I will be.

Working from home can by trying at times. We can show up to work in our jammies and slippers. Sweat pants and torn t-shirts. We can wear the same thing seven days in a row and not even the dogs will notice, and that is why each morning when I come into my office I wear an apron. It’s not just any ol’ apron. I had them made, and it reads: Just Mom, We comfort hurts and hearts!  I love my apron. Each one has a pocket (for my pens and my cell phone) and the moment I put it on, (no matter what I’m wearing underneath) I feel like I’m dressed and ready for work!

The most important thing that I’m reminded of each day is that apron’s usually represent serving another.  When a mother puts one on she does so to make dinner that she will feed to others. My grandmother used to wear one when she was making her best cakes that she couldn’t wait to serve us. There’s something that transforms my heart each time I put one on… The importance of serving others!

This morning, when I came in my office, I grabbed my new apron and put it on. I brushed down the wrinkles, inserted my pen and my cell phone into the pocket and then my heart remembered that I actually have Adam and Eve to thank for the line of clothing I wear because…

… Adam and Eve were the first two people to ever wear an apron. It would be the end of mankind being served, and the beginning of their serving mankind. From the moment they sinned the Bible clearly shares in Genesis 3:7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.





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  1. Whoever would be greatest among you, must become servant to all. Let’s serve, and be great!

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