Over five years ago I went to dinner. My soon-to-be husband invited me out to meet two of his dearest friends, Phil and Julie, and a few of their dearest friends.

When we walked in my husband smiled. He had arrived where he was in the company of those he knew and felt comfortable with. I’m an outgoing person, but that night I seemed to silent myself. So many changes had happened. I had moved from Northern  to Southern California. I was getting remarried, had a daughter I was slightly worried about, and wondered if I had made the right decision to quit my job and work on a non-profit that (I believed) God had called me to start, full-time.

So, that evening I sat back and simply enjoyed the evening listening to friends share their “back-in-the-day” stories, and when the evening was over I went home thankful for the opportunity to meet some very nice people.

Last night Phil and Julie came back into town, ( inviting us and a few of their friends out to dinner)  and we all found our way back to the same restaurant we  all met in five years ago.

This dinner was much different from the last. After five years I was now friends with Phil and Julie, and was reintroduced to their friends. The evening was lovely, and at one point Julie said,  “Gina, did I tell you that Anna is a publicist?”  I smiled and immediately said, “I should hire you to help me promote Owie!”

Of course when someone says they want to promote an Owie the question was posed, “What’s an Owie?”

After a few hours of Anna graciously sitting and listening to me share the children who are hospitalized and the need to “give” hugs to them, she said, “Gina, I would love to help you and introduce you to those who I believe who could help too!” We exchanged emails and hugs, and I’m sure we will remain forever friends.

The appointment God made with me yesterday was amazing.  I learned something so profound, and I want to share this message with anyone who trusts me enough to receive it…

Five years ago I walked into a room that had a woman who had the expertise that I was praying for, but because I was so fearful of all the decisions I had made— I neglected to truly listen to the conversations of those going on around me. I was so caught up in the “OH MY GOSH… WHAT IF…” stage of my life, that God used Anna to show me that He tried to give me my hearts desire five years ago, but my heart wasn’t ready. Fear was in its way!

This morning I  grabbed my coffee, looked out my kitchen window and my heart could see Moses and all his followers  in the wilderness, and I was  immediately reminded of NUMBER 13.

Within the 13th chapter of Numbers is the beautiful story of  God telling the Israelites that the Promised Land was rich and fertile. Not only that, God promised that the bountiful land would be theirs, and told them to go check it out and report back to Moses.

When they reported back to Moses, they gave plenty of good reasons for entering the land, but they couldn’t stop focusing on their fear. They talked of Giants and fortified cities and that made it easy to forget about God’s promise to help. God showed me this morning how easy it is to allow fear to be bigger than God.

My whole life I’ve been searching for one thing, and that has been the truth. I wanted to meet Him if He truly was real, and this morning I want to scribe for all the world to read that during my life  I’ve met Him.

He’s standing behind door Number 13. All I had to do was  “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7: 6-8




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4 responses to “NUMBER 13… IS IT REALLY UNLUCKY?

  1. Fantastic Gina…amazing how those who made the division of the Holy Scripture into chapters and then verses were led in advance to prepare for your message today. Numbers Chapter 13, fear, and moving forward when God gives you the calling, despite the perceived obstacles. Yes, if HE has given you the push, HE has the plan for clearing your path.

  2. I believe I opened #13 yesterday by going to lunch with my sister I had not seen or spoken to in almost 3 years…I have been VERY ANGRY with her for years because of her drug abuse and the fact she lost her son(custody)in the process. My ANGER/FEAR never let me get close to her again/listen tto her and really hear her/get to kknow her again and most importantly FORGIVE her. I did that yesterday UNCONDITIONALLY and realized for the first time my sister is as REaL as it gets…She doesn’t pretend to be anyone else, she doesn’t pretend to be perfect, she admits hers mistakes, takes ownership and lives with God everyday. She has lived thru things I can’t even imagaine and situations I would have nightmares about…The one thing about my sister is she has not ever lost her sense of humor! She struggles TERRIBLY with depression manic/bipolar but she ill still try to crack a joke and yesterday I listened and laughed and accepted her for who she is… She has no teeth at 50yrs old, she had a set of dentures but her last “boyfriend” after he beat her up threw them away! She also has seizures and minor strokes because of the abuse to her body from herself and at the hands of other people but she puts one foot in front of the other maybe not everyday but most of them and I can tell you in ALL HONESTY not sure I could do the same. Some days(I also suffer from depression)I lay in bed paralyzed and I have my teeth, my kids, a home, a LOVING husband, a house, etc… So THaNK you God and Kris for opening my eyes and heart…. I LOVE YOU BOTH very much!!! ❤

    • My beautiful Kerri,
      In the book of Job, God restores Job’s heart when he started praying for his friends. The other day you posted this…

      THANKS for sharing Gina….I hurt so bad sometimes because my family will not let certain hurts go…and I PRAY DAILY that they have UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for one another and realize that the past/the hurts make the person who they are…It is their chapter in their life! ALL of our BROKENESS are GIFTS from GOD and make us who we are….LOVEABLE!!!

      I think God gave you the desires of your heart. YOU WERE ABLE TO LET GO OF CERTAIN HURTS with your sister, and now you both will be able to move on.

      I absolutely love you!
      Please give your sister a hug from me!

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