So what really happened yesterday?

Yesterday was somewhat of a blah day for me. All last year I saved money for Christmas. If I found an extra dollar I would take it and hide it away. This year was going to be different from last. I would be able to give a little something to those I loved, and when Christmas morning arrived I was looking forward to actually saying, “Here’s something with your name on it!”

Yesterday I looked in the place where I hid my Christmas cash only to find that it was gone. Months back I had to use it to pay some bills.  Here I was again, another Christmas and all that I had to give was gone.

Then yesterday afternoon I went and met Todd Joseph. Todd and I were supposed to meet last week to discuss Owie, but he got stuck in a parking garage and we rescheduled for yesterday.  We met at Starbucks, and sat and chatted for well over three hours. We chatted about Owie, but mostly about life, and Todd chatted about his parents.

Todd’s parents passed away a few years back within days of each other. They passed on in peace. In their beds, and love within their hearts for each other. As I listened to him speak about the two people who raised him I’ve never met anyone who loved their parents as much as Todd did (and still does).

We continued to chat, and he told me about all the things he’s involved in, and his business. Everything that Todd does is  designed to give back to others, and he shared that he likes to do life differently and that all his friends call him “Odd Todd!”

When I was driving home I was thinking how “odd” it was to meet someone who had been given such a wonderful life, and then I realized that no one’s life is perfect.

Todd chose to make his as nice as possible, and that just might make Todd a little odd.

This morning I woke up and realized that God introduced me to Todd so I could see what children really need from their parents. It’s not the gifts at Christmastime. Or all the stress and worry that goes into all the preparation of Christmas. It’s not the decorations on the tree, or how many gifts are underneath it. No, all children need from their parents is to know without a doubt that they are loved!

And, it’s funny how God works. It seems that once I understood the appointment of yesterday my husband came up and gave me some money for Christmas. Today I get to go and get all those I love just  a little something that says… “It matters not the size of the gift, what matters is the love that the gift is given with!” 

My Christmas wish this year is that everyone becomes odd, like Todd, and shares their loving hearts with all those they meet.

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. Exodus 20:12



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