Last night I was looking through my file cabinet and found a card that my grandmother had sent me for Christmas. Recently I’ve been watching the Hallmark Channel, and each time a commercial comes on about a person receiving a new card, or finding the sentiments of an old card, I cry. There seems to be much emotion that is attached to a signature when it arrives from a person we love.

As I pulled out the card I couldn’t help but smile. It was dated: December 15, 1994, and I still remember the day I had received the card. I was on my way to work, and I quickly stopped by my PO Box in Northern California. It was beginning to snow, so I quickly ran inside, grabbed my mail, and ran back to my car.  When I got into my car I quickly rummaged through the mail and when I saw that I had a card from my grandmother I stuck it in my purse and drove to work.

When lunch arrived, I said to my best friend, and employer, ” Darla, do you want to see something funny?”   She quickly replied, “I would love to see something funny.”

I reached into my purse, pulled out the envelope, opened it, and showed her that there was a beautiful heart on the front. I then said, “Now, you see this is a red heart, right?”

She quickly nodded her head, “yes!”

Then I opened it and this is what I read:


And written in pencil … Merry Christmas. We can’t wait to see you and the kids for Christmas. Drive safely and we’ll see you soon.

Love, Nanny 

Darla and I immediately began to laugh, and she said, “Wait a minute. She just sent you a Valentine’s Day card for Christmas. She must do that often because you knew that the card was not what one would be expecting. Why does she do that?”

I got out of my chair and walked over to her desk and placed the card in front of her. “Do you notice that her note and signature are written in pencil?”


“Well, that is because Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday after Christmas. My grandmother hates the thought that a card can only be used one time. So, she writes what she has to say in pencil, and my job is to enjoy the card, but then the week before Valentine’s Day,  I’m to erase her words along with her signature, and then write my sentiments to her— sign the card, and mail it back to her for Valentine’s Day!”

The two of us giggled over that card the whole afternoon, and at this moment I’m so glad that I took that card to work and shared it with Darla, because that is where I left the card. All the other cards she ever sent me I sent back to her.

I now understand 1 Corinthians 11:12 Now I praise you, brethren, that you remember me in all things and keep the traditions as I delivered them to you…

From this day onward I am going to remember my grandmother in all things, keep her traditions, and deliver them to my family with love.




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