Yesterday I filled up my notebook so I went looking for something to write in. Rummaging through my cupboards I seriously found 50 notebooks that were filled with the past thirty-five years of my life and there wasn’t an extra inch of space to write within them.

Not giving up I kept looking and it was then I found a notebook that was covered in Christmas wrapping and I smiled.  When I opened it I read: THIS BOOK BELONGS TO ME!  December 1, 1986.

Opening the notebook I found that I only wrote one thing and what I wrote was dated, December 1, 1996. As I read the words I remembered that day exactly. My children and I had to go to the Nevada County Fair, for a holiday event, and work the Sees Candy booth for 4-H. I wasn’t feeling well, but couldn’t get out of my shift, so my kids and I headed to the fair and the moment we arrived there was so much going on that my kids took off and enjoyed the event.

While I was sitting in the booth I began to feel sorry for myself.  I felt as if I was stuck inside a booth when all the fun was going on outside the booth, so for the first hour I sulked, and then the second hour I decided I would look out the window and see what I was missing.

This is what I scribed:

Gina, what do you see when you look out the window?

Today I see grey skies, bright lights twinkling on the trees…

Carolers singing…

Sleigh bells ringing…

Chestnuts by the fire…

Children’s laughter that will last even after everyone has gone.

The hoof beats clatter all day long!

Santa not in a sleigh, but jolly I’d say, as all the children cry…

“I saw Santa! I saw Santa!” with smiles miles wide!

Now darkness is approaching,

The sounds are growing dim,

The air is getting colder,

Warmness falls within,

I know the Lord was smiling for all the gladness here.

Good tidings are upon us.

It’s just that time of year!

It’s amazing how 15 years ago today I thought I had missed out on the day, but re-reading what I had written took me right back to December 1, 1996, and for a moment I wasn’t sitting at my desk with a cold cup of coffee, hair that needs to be brushed, wearing sweat pants that need to be discarded, but I was sitting at a window sipping a warm cup of tea, surrounded by chocolate and watching my children out a tiny window.

You know, I love the Lord so much. I thank Him daily for allowing me the gift of the Bible. I know for me, words are all I have to leave my children. And I pray that one day when I am gone, they will grab a warm cup of coffee and my notebooks, (because written within  them are the truths of what I saw within my life) and that is God’s hope to. What is written are the truths of what happened within the lives of those who God asked to simply look out a window.

 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be food in my My house, and prove Me now in this says the Lord of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing That there will not be enough room to receive it. Matthew 3:10




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2 responses to “WHAT’S OUT YOUR WINDOW?

  1. Gina..beautiful thoughts as you reflect back on what you wrote 15 years a go. But I disagree when you say that all you leave behind for your children are your words. No, you leave behind much more. You leave imbedded on their minds and their hearts the love you feel for them, memories of the sacrifices you made for them, teachings of how to live a life of service, and, most importantly, your witness of the love of Christ in your life. You could not leave a greater gift. God bless!

    • Words are powerful. That is why God left them for us, and when we write something down the gift is that if our children forget… A notebook leaves them the gift of the memory. Thank you for being such a grand friend. Hugs

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