On November 29, 2011, I went into my office and began working. Turning on my Christmas music, I knew that yesterday was going to be a perfect day!

I got all my paperwork together and sat down at my computer and got to work, and was thinking about how wonderful it is to be able to work from home and have all the wonderful things, my computer, copy machine, filing cabinet, and my dogs who keep me company. As I was typing and singing “Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up let’s go…” my computer crashed and all of a sudden so did my mood.

I had an important letter that I had to finish and get out before noon, and now I was staring at the blue screen of death! So, I pulled my computer out and got to work. I re-plugged in all the cords that were plugged into my computer, and turned it off-and-on at least 100 times. I called my computer guy but he was home ill and couldn’t help me.  I then prayed, but I don’t believe it was my kindest request. It went something like, “GOD! My computer is broke. Can you please help me here!”


A few hours later I realized that my computer was not going to turn on so I had to figure out something else to get my letter typed and sent. As I was contemplating on what to do, I looked down and there was my iPhone, and I realized that my internet on the phone would allow me to send the letter. I then started typing my letter within an email. There were a few times within the hour-and-a-half that it took me to scribe on the tiny key pad that I seriously wanted to take my phone and throw it, but realized that had I done that I would then have two communication devices not working, so I finished.

When the letter was done I hit send, sat back in my office chair and smiled. I had finished my letter and could enjoy that something on my “To Do” list was moved to my “Ta Da List!” I was done, and could take my bow.

A few hours later I realized that I needed to send another letter and didn’t want to have to do that again, and since I was tired from staring at tiny little letters on my iPhone key pad I asked God a little nicer. I took my right hand and placed it on the screen of my computer and my left hand I placed on the power switch, and I then said, “God, I’m really sorry I didn’t ask you a little nicer earlier to help me fix my computer, but if you could just give me a little miracle, (and fix whatever it was that was broken so I can get back to work) I would greatly appreciate it!”

I then pushed the power button and the blue screen of death appeared, but then something wonderful happened. The blue screen of death went away and the blue screen of life appeared, (asking for my password) so I could enter into the world again.  I quickly typed in my password and up popped the beautiful picture of my granddaughter on my screen saver, and all was right with the world again. And of course, I thanked the one who had mercy on the needy, because I sure needed God!

I learned a valuable lesson, and that is to make sure that next time I need help with something I always remember to… ask nicely and then say “thank-you!”

He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, but he who honors Him has mercy on the needy. Proverbs 14:31




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  1. Priceless and too cute. I can see you in action…..perfect sit-com script! Thanks!

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