A few nights before Thanksgiving I went grocery shopping, and gathered all my coupons to help with the holiday expenses.  One of the coupons I found was for L’Oréal hair dye. By the time I used the manufacture coupon and the grocery store coupon, the hair dye was free.

Yesterday I decided I would dye my hair. I was all excited. My husband was working so I had the afternoon to myself. I grabbed a cup of coffee, turned on my Christmas music and got to work.

I opened the box of hair dye and read the directions. Placing the plastic gloves on my hands I then opened the bottle that read Number One, and then added the container that read Number Two into Number One. Then I shook them together and watched as my soon-to-be color began to transform into auburn brown. For 60 seconds I shook and when the timer dinged I lifted the bottle to my hair and got to work.

As I was putting the hair dye on my hair I was thinking how easy the procedure was, and wondered why I didn’t do this all the time to save money. When I was done putting the last drop from the bottle on my hair I looked into the mirror and smiled. I had just saved $100.00, and thought I might go shopping and buy myself a little gift because I just saved $100.00.

I set my timer and waited the required time of 30 minutes, and when the timer went off I went back into the bathroom and looked into the mirror, but what I saw was not what I expected.

The first thing I noticed was when I walked into the bathroom I shut the door behind me, and there was a hand print of dye from where I shut the door. Then I noticed that my bathroom counter had received a new auburn tint to it. Then without thinking, I grabbed one of my beautiful towels off the towel rack and began cleaning the dye off the counter with the towel. It wasn’t until I turned it over I realize what I had done.

As I went to stick the towel in the sink I knocked over the bottle of the used dye and it hit the floor and when it hit the floor it exploded and hair dye went all over my bathroom rug and my husband’s Ugg Boots.

At that moment I actually closed the toilet lid and sat down for a moment. I had to observe the cost of my free hair dye, and it was then I realized I actually got dye on my husband’s t-shirt!

Total cost of “free” was:

Ugg Boots $ 150.00

Bathroom Rug $35.00

Bathroom Towel $15.00

Stained T-Shirt (Husband’s favorite) $29.00

White Paint to repaint the bathroom door $ $10.00

TOTAL  $239.00

When my husband arrived home, I was gone. Target was having sale on bathroom towels for $2.00, and while I was in line getting ready to purchase them my husband called and said, “Hey honey. Where are you?” 

“I’m at Target buying a few things!”

 He then said, “What were you doing in the bathroom while I was at work?  You might want to pick up a new bath rug and some towels.”

 It was then that I told him I was dying my hair, and when I arrived home my husband said, “Oh, your hair looks so pretty!”

At that moment when he said my hair looked so pretty… that was the moment I realized it was worth the $239.00 that it cost me to dye my hair, because before when I used to pay to have my hair dyed he never noticed. I would go nearly a week and then I would say, “Hey, you didn’t even notice that I got my hair dyed!”

So, if any other women are reading this just know that if you want your husband  to notice that you’ve done something to make yourself feel a little younger… a little prettier… a little more alive, I highly recommend that whatever it is make sure that you leave a  little mess behind!

No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another; God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us. 1 John 4:12

And, I’ve learned something grand from yesterday. I always get asked if God exists why is the world such a mess. I believe I now know the answer. If God didn’t allow the world to become messy, we would never notice the beauty that transforms, because if we did notice… we too would be able to see God.




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  1. dukedoc76

    Fabulous insight and humor! I am happy that your husband provided you with that wonderful feeling of being more attractive, not that you needed the hair dye.

  2. DrT

    I just have to ask–Ugg boots? really?

  3. DrT

    ok, I saw man Ugg boots, not nearly as concerning as I thought, I only have daughters, their Ugg boots would look really odd on your husband

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