This morning I got up at my usual time, 4:00 a.m., but instead of jumping out of bed and dashing to my office, I grabbed a cup of coffee, and dashed back to bed. My husband was still sleeping so I knew that I had full control over the remote and I took it.

Being that it’s the holiday season I found a Christmas movie and… to be honest, I don’t even remember the story.  The whole time I was watching it I was wondering if someone wrote it on their way to work. It was a quick write and seemingly forgettable.

When the next movie arrived I realized that it was another remake of Miracle on 34th Street. I always wonder why anyone would ever remake the classic movie with Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, Edmund Gwenn, Gene Lockhart and Natalie Wood. These are the moments I wish writers would become creative and instead of rewriting what was written… would write what has yet to be read!

Anyway, I watched the movie (A Case for Christmas) and there was only one line that I would repeat and it goes like this, “If you think can’t like an ordinary reindeer, you’ll never fly!”

The moment Santa said those words I smiled.

I’ve always been a fan of Santa Claus. Like many children I used to stand outside waiting to see if I could see his reindeer fly. As I got older I still believed in Santa, and still do. I’ve been studying the history of Christmas and from what I’ve seen— the history of celebrating the birth of Christ arrived when Santa Claus did. 

According to books, Santa can be traced to the 1820’s. There are many stories of how Christmas and Santa came to be, but where are the stories of how families gathered before Santa arrived to celebrate the birth of Christ. I’ve never read anywhere, where families made a cake for Jesus and sang happy birthday to him, just because they could.

Do you suppose that one evening there was a person who was reading the Bible and read about  Mary, Joseph and the Birth of Christ, and he or she  looked in the heavens and said, “Why can’t we celebrate the birth of Christ one special night a year?”

Or maybe… just maybe… the heart of the one who looked into the heavens was heard. Or maybe… just maybe… God was waiting for someone to ask. I’ve been following God my whole life and it seems to me that He will change the world with-a-blink-of-His-eye if someone truly asks.

And knowing God the way I do, and knowing us the way He does, all He had to do was put the desires of His heart within the hearts of those who loved Him, and once that happened… Santa arrived wearing a red coat, where he couldn’t be missed, and when Santa started handing out gifts to others, God knew that Santa wouldn’t be forgotten, because we love to receive gifts.

This is what I believe…

One evening there was a  ol’ man who looked into the darkness of the night. It happened to be his birthday and no one arrived. 

Another year had passed and this man did for others. Never keeping anything for himself.

If someone was hungry, he would feed them— or if they couldn’t walk he would carry them where they needed to be. If they were sick he would bring them comfort, whatever their need he would provide.

Yes, another birthday had arrived and no one had remembered, so the man decided he would go out one special night in December. He didn’t want anyone to notice that it was him, so he put on a red jacket, boots and a grin, and he gathered the gifts that he had purchased for others, and decided that if those that he helped couldn’t remember his special day, than they must need more, and so the man prayed…

Dear Lord, there’s a world that I can’t seem to help. I do and I do, but it’s never enough. Today was my birthday and nobody came. I sent out the invites and had special gifts; I wanted to thank each of my friends…

If it is possible can you help me tonight, as I walk out into the dark, before the morning light, and give the gifts that I wanted to give. I want them to know how special love is.

And when God saw the smiles of those who had received the gifts in the morn, He decided to allow the legend to be born! And for those of us who truly believe… we get to see God every Christmas Eve.  He brings love, peace and good will towards men, and God’s Christmas wish is that love  never ends….

“Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” Luke 2: 14

Now, Onward to Christmas!


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