The other night I was going through my cookbooks, looking for all my favorite dishes that I would serve today, when I happened to turn one of the pages and found a note that read “Love You, Love Heidi Lynn— 2010”  The moment I read it I smiled. My daughter, Heidi, had come to visit last Thanksgiving and while we were cooking she placed a message in my cookbook,  and hoped I would one day find it.

I immediately picked up the phone and called her. Today is my first Thanksgiving in 28 years without my children, and while I was planning the meal, the reason for the meal seemed to be missing. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go to all the hassle of going to the grocery store, waiting in line, and then spend the next few days in the kitchen.

Anyway, as I was chatting with Heidi on the phone I said, “I got your note, and thank-you. I loved it!” I could hear the smile within her voice and she said, “Yeah, I’m good like that.”

All day yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about the impact of her note.  Each day I come into my office and am surrounded by notes that Heidi has left me, and each note say the same thing. “I love you!” On Heidi’s last visit she found my chalkboard and wrote, “I love you Mom” and I have yet to erase it.

For years, I’ve been missing Heidi. She doesn’t live in the same town as I do, and we don’t get to speak as often as I’d like. My other two children are a little better at picking up the phone or sending me a text message, and it wasn’t until I found her note did I realize that while Heidi communicates differently than the other two of the my children… she was still trying to communicate with me.

I also realized that because there always seems to be a “normal” form of communication, I was missing the “normal” in the way that Heidi communicates. If I would have paid better attention to the personality of my daughter, I would have realized that she has been communicating with me all these years, and it was me who wasn’t paying attention.

At this moment I don’t believe I’ve ever felt as close to her as I do right now. I finally “read” my daughter, and while I won’t be spending my Thanksgiving meal with her, I will be spending my day giving thanks for one simple message that said more to me than three words ever have.

Because of my faith I’m asked all the time if I really believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are truly one in the same. When I reply, “Yes” I then get asked this question. “Well, how do you know that what was written is correct? There are so many books that were left out of the Bible, and there are so many ways to interpret what was written….”  And, those are good questions—

But,  after finding my daughter’s beautiful note I realized that within the Bible are hidden notes everywhere, and within our homes, and the places in which we work… the places in which we frequent… there are three beautiful words, that if we look hard enough we will find them, and they simply read: I LOVE YOU!  

It’s been said that John 3:16 is the most famous verse in the Bible. I believe that, because I finally understand that not everyone communicates the same way, and the way God communicated His love is… 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you take today and learn the language of those you love! You may find that they actually do love you!



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