Yesterday I was in my kitchen doing dishes when I looked up and noticed my birds. I have a collection of birds that sit on my window sill,  and they are there to remind me of those I loved.

On one October morning I received a phone call from my best friend, Melody, that a dear friend of ours had passed away. Our friend’s name was Jay, and he passed away from cancer.

In the afternoon, after she called, I had to run to Target and was thinking about Jay.  After my divorce, Melody and I started a Bible study for singles, and that is where we met Jay. Each Wednesday, Melody would come to my home, and the two of us would make dinner for those who attended the study. Our group became a very close group of friends, and Jay always arrived in his oversized red jacket, and a smile. He was a person that I was honored to call my friend.

Anyway, as I walking around Target I walked down the aisle that housed the cleaning supplies that I was after. I was  looking for a specific brand of dish soap, and when I pulled the soap off the shelf— behind it was a wooden Blue Bird. The moment I saw it, I started to cry. The Blue Bird did not belong behind the dish soap, but in the lawn department, so I immediately grabbed it, purchased it, and brought it home.  When I walked into my home I looked out my window and decided that I would put the bird on the window sill so each day when I came into my kitchen, and looked out my window, I would be reminded of my special friend, Jay.

Time progressed, and I started to lose more friends, and decided that for each friend I lost I would add a bird. I’m up to 14 birds on my window sill. Some are out in plain view, and some are placed where only their beaks are showing. Now, each morning when I walk into my kitchen I smile. It’s been such a beautiful, daily reminder of those that I loved, and it seems to keep them close to my heart.

As I was washing my dishes last night I was thinking about my friend Melody. During the time Melody and I met Jay, we also met Rod, and recently Rod was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Rod is such a beautiful person, and Melody is such a beautiful friend. This past weekend, Melody gathered a group of people together and they did a fundraiser for Rod. There were hundreds of silent auction items, over 150 people who attended, and they earned thousands of dollars to help pay Rod’s medical expenses. When Jay was alive, Melody did the same thing for Jay, and I was blessed to be able to attend that event.

The one thing I’ve realized is that each person I know has a very special gift, and being that Thanksgiving is only a few days away, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know, Melody, how thankful I am for your friendship, and the friendship you give to others.

I believe  the true meaning of Thanksgiving is…

Thanksgiving is a time when we gather with those we love. We sit around our tables and give thanks to God above. The blessings in our lives our hearts seem to savor, and one day a year we appreciate the flavor of the turkey with the stuffing… the potatoes mashed, the casseroles a plenty,  the salad that has been passed.

The company of our family and our friends, are a true reminder that the circle of love never ends…. It just continues on and on as long as we remember, to give thanks for those we love  six days before December.

And when our hearts our truly thankful for the blessings within our lives, that is the moment we are assured that… Thanksgiving has  arrived!

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;  Ephesians 5:20



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