Yesterday I was getting over the flu, and before I went into my office I looked through my kitchen cupboard to get something to eat. I immediately closed the door. I’m not a big eater. Food has never been one of those thing that I reach for, so I grabbed my coffee, and added my vanilla creamer and got to work.

A few hours later I was beginning to feel better and thought that maybe I would grab a bite to eat, so I went back to my cupboard and started digging through the boxes. I found a packet of oatmeal, a container of peanuts, some Top Ramen, a Granola bar, and a box of Oreo cookies. It was hard to choose, but I chose the cookies. I then came back to my office and realized that I forgot the milk, so I looked in the refrigerator  in my office, and saw a Pepsi, wild cherry, to be exact. I pulled it out of the fridge, came back to my desk, opened the Pepsi, took a drink and then a bite of the Oreo. As I was enjoying the sugar rushing through my veins, I happened to click on Yahoo, and to my surprise there was a woman who I have never personally met, but know.

Her name is Jill Knapp, and she is the founder of  Get Up and Get Moving.

Jill and I were introduced to each other via a friend, and even though we’ve only chatted on the phone… I think she is amazing.

Years back, Jill was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, and was 100 pounds over weight. Jill decided that she wanted to get healthy, lose the weight and then enter into the Mrs. Idaho Pageant.  When her picture popped up on Yahoo, I actually said, (outloud) “Yahoo. You did it!”

I then clicked on the picture of my friend and watched the video. There was a moment where her husband was speaking about how proud he was of his wife, and how hard she worked to obtain the goal in which she was seeking. I could hear in his voice that he was fighting hard to keep his tears a hidden secret.

I watched the video three times, and decided I would watch it one more time. As I clicked play I grabbed my Oreo cookie and took a bite. While I was watching it I was thinking I want to look like Jill. Happy, healthy, and accomplished! Jill had accomplished her dream. She finished what she set out to do.

I have to admit that I finished all my cookies and enjoyed the last sip of my cherry Pepsi, but  decided that if I want to feel like Jill, I have to eat like Jill. She was such a gift for me yesterday. My week had been filled with beautiful people and stories of much loss, and yes… in the midst of the saddness, God is always there.

But in the midst of triumphs, success, and finishing one’s dream… God is there too! He encourages our heart to believe that we can do the impossible. He helps us through the temptations of wanting to eat the Oreo’s and He helps to keep us focused on the prize. Jill’s prize was she wanted to enter a contest. Did she win?  Hummm… You’ll have to click to find out the rest of Jill’s story.

I’ve decided that I’m good at sharing stories that others can’t finish, but if I have the opportunity to allow the person I’m sharing to finish their story… it’s best to hear it from the person who lived their ending, and can share with you where their headed next— because every successful person moves from one dream to another… Dreams were meant to grow, and they can only grow, when the dreamer shares the dream!
And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:  Genesis 2:16




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8 responses to “YOU CAN DO IT!

  1. DrT

    love the blog, and the new pic is great

  2. Everyone has dreams they want to fulfill. What is yours?? Today, walk toward its.

  3. Dr Gary M Stuhlmiller

    Gina…your appointments message is always a blessing.

  4. Gina your site is amazing! Your a wonderful example and friend to me. Someday we will meet in person and on that day I am going to reach my arms around you and give you a great big hug!! Thank you for featuring me on your uplifting site.

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