Have you ever had one of those days that you just wanted to savor? That one day where everything tastes better, smells better, feels better. A moment that reminds you of when you were a child and your grandmother is in the kitchen making cookies, and the smell of the warm chocolate draws you into a place of comfort. Yesterday was such a day, and I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to receive each day as one that I want to savor.

Within the 24 hours of November 15, 2011, so many moments of “wonderful” happened!

I was able to get out of bed. That was grand because God allowed me another day. I had coffee and a pumpkin muffin, with my wonderful friend, Joy Sakata, and within our “girl time” she  gave me a gift. A book titled: Aspire, written by Kevin Hall.  I had to smile, because that’s what Joy does. She inspires everyone that she meets.

Then I had another phone interview on the job I’ve been praying for. That went well, and then I received a beautiful, handwritten letter from my (has she signed it) my favorite niece. AND… just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I realized that during the course of the day I was able to say, “hello” to each one of my three children!  I believe that the gift of seeing the next chapter in our lives is we must get out of bed, and dare to believe that good things still exist in the world!

Now, onward to scribe the rest of yesterday!

Weeks back I sent out an email sharing that my non-profit was failing. A friend of mine, Dr. Richard Norris, sent me an email asking if he could introduce me to a woman he admired. And of course I said, “PLEASE!”

It didn’t take very long for Richard’s friend and me to connect, and once we did, we are now… forever-friends. My new friend is, Kelly Barker, (AKA: Barker.) After Barker and I connected, I realized that my non-profit wasn’t failing, it was in waiting. Owie was waiting for “Barker” to arrive so she could add the piece that was missing.

The one thing I’ve learned from starting something from scratch is that it takes one person who will take the time to “scratch” the surface of a dream, but then it takes those who want to help pick up the shovel and dig so that a foundation can be poured.

Barker and I have only been working together for maybe a week, but within the week, a lifetime has transpired, and I want to share a letter I received yesterday. Now, remember that Owie was literally at the pound. He was on death row waiting to see if someone would adopt him before someone else came in to inject him. I hate to be so descriptive, but it’s true. Owie was ready to walk down his, green mile, but then his comforter showed up before it was too late.

Here is the letter I received yesterday. It is from, Neill Newton, who is the Chairman & Founder of Global Flying Hospitals. Global Flying Hospitals is establishing as the world’s medical airline, to provide training and resources to developing countries worldwide, its fast becoming the premier solution of life-saving medical care services to developing countries and those in dire need. You can go to: http://www.globalflyinghospitals.org, to learn more.

Now, onward to the letter:

Letter of Appointment


 Global Ambassador of Comfort and Joy

Macau SAR China

November 15, 2011.

Global Flying Hospitals is pleased to appoint OwieBowWowie as its Global Ambassador for Comfort and Joy. This appointment is made in recognition of the highly effective work you are doing in bringing comfort to the lives of children undergoing the stress and pain associated with their medical conditions. And it is made also as an invitation from GFH, to broaden your influence to the children of the developing world, who not only suffer in substandard conditions, but have no joy or comfort in their lives whatsoever.

Our world is ailing. The children are its future, yet the future may not be so bright. The vision you have can be life changing, in that bringing joy, happiness and comfort could be the spark that ignites a child’s mind. To show there is a future and that children could grow into national leaders, empowered with love and caring.

We commend you for your upcoming tour across the United States, from Los Angeles to New York and onto Washington DC. However, we invite you to not stop there, but go International.

For the future, we would like to invite you onboard Global Flying Hospitals, to travel with our teams to distant lands and bring smiles to all those underprivileged children, who have never seen nor heard of you.

From this day on, you are GFH’s Global Ambassador of Comfort and joy… and your smiling face will be seen on GFH marketing collateral, in articles and promotions associated with GFH.


Neill Newton

Chairman & Founder

Now, everyone who knows me, knows that (since I was 12 years old) I’ve always called my moments with God, APPOINTMENTS. If I ever had a doubt that I wasn’t listening to God, or doing something that He didn’t want to me do, He just confirmed my heart with Mr. Newton’s letter, because God verified it by giving Owie his own APPOINTMENT!

It’s hard waiting for the “good” of life to arrive, but I highly recommend that everyone makes an appointment with God today.

It might take you over 36 years to see the outcome of the appointment, but I promise you this… it is so worth the wait!

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10




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8 responses to “WILL YOU SAVOR TODAY?

  1. Joyful news that the pup will now go worldwide to bring comfort to those ailing children. As you know, I have a special ministry with such children and their families, and I would be first in line to request a visit and lengthy stay for Mr. Ambassador. Congratulations to you, Gina!

  2. All I can say is, Wow! A very serendipitous appointment. It sounds like you found the right relation-tip! (A play on words based on an article I just wrote).

  3. For those that know me, I am driven by passion for the underdog but even more so when I see the opportunity for change. Gina is Owie’s heart and now because of their trust, I am their eyes to a larger world. Thousands of children in the US have been comforted by Owie because of the sacrifices and love of Gina. Soon Owie will embark on his Thanks For Giving Goodwill Tour across the US to bring comfort and joy to children in the Midwest, East Coast and South. EVERYONE will know Owie.

    Soon in his role of Global Ambassador for Global Flying Hospitals he will travel to distant lands and meet children who have never had a toy, lack of comfort, and perhaps have never seen a dog.

    Gina reminded me DOG is GOD spelled backward. Please continue to friend, follow and tweet for Owie as new horizons and adventures await him and he needs all paws onboard!

    These are moments to savor – friendships built thousands of miles from home. Thank you Richard for the introduction which changes lives.

    Kelly a/k/a
    The Barker-woman

  4. Barker…

    Owie wanted me to tell you this, “I love you!”

    Message sent!

  5. Owie has a long lovely life ahead, and will be touching the hearts of hundreds of thousands of children with love, comfort and joy. And that same energy will bring hope, energy and and love to their parents and to the many others around them. Gina, thank you for never giving up on Owie’s mission. You knew Owie would live on in some way. Your faith and belief in God our Father is inspiring and a lesson to us. When I talk about you, I always seem to include the words…..”Gina said it’s a God thing.” It always brings a smile, and there’s always a “look” in their eyes. You’re a good friend, Gina. Thank you for being you! Love you…..Joy

    • Joy,

      Thank you for encouraging me on those bad days. You are a big part of Owie’s heart. It has taken so many people to fill it, and that is what will keep him going. His love that was placed in his heart by his friends…

      Owie told me to tell you… “I love you Joy!”

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