Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yesterday I called my brother to see how he and his family were doing, and while we were talking he shared that his wife no longer the banquet hutch that once belonged to my grandmother.

My grandmother passed away on February 24, 2004. My son was in Iraq, I was going through a divorce, and couldn’t seem to find the strength to go and say “goodbye” to her. My grandmother had accepted Christ into her heart on December, 17, 1999, and I knew that she was home.

Weeks after her funeral my family got together to go through her things. I was asked if there was anything that I wanted, and at the time, I only could think of one thing, and that was a framed Christmas Tree that she had made.

Years later I came to visit my brother and noticed that he his wife  had taken my grandmother’s banquet hutch, and when I saw it, I secretly cried. It was the same table my grandmother used to put all her cakes on at Christmas, and when I was a child my job was to dust it, lay the Christmas scarf out, and then lay her cakes on top. We were not allowed to eat the cakes until all the guests arrived, and once they arrived I was always the first one at the table.

When I saw that my brother had received the hutch, I was happy, but there was  apart of me that wished I would have been braver to enter her home after her death, and bring home a piece of her.

Yesterday, when he said his wife didn’t want it and was going to get rid of it , I quietly asked, “Can I have it?” He was more than happy to give it to me and today I get to pick up the hutch.

All night I kept thinking about how each time I would go to my brother’s home I would walk into the room with the banquet hutch, and I would run my hand atop of it. I just needed to be close to something that she had in her home until the day she passed away. The last time I was there my heart actually said, “I wish this were mine.”

No one knew the desires of my heart except for God. I never would have said to my brother that I wished I had got it, but told him I was so glad that he and his family could enjoy it.

Today as I was sitting down to scribe my appointment with God I went to where this tiny blog reads: Add New Post, and daily I’ve been simply adding the date. When I typed in, Sunday, October 23, 2011, I cried.

Today would have been my grandmother’s 93rd birthday. She was born October 23, 1918.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her, and today God was reminding me that He heard the desires of my heart, and to be given a gift that belonged to my grandmother on her birthday,  is the most beautiful gift that God could have ever given me.

It’s true. We don’t have to tell the world what we want, only God, and if it’s something that He wants us to have, He will give it to us.

Thank you so much God for listening to my heart, and giving me a gift that I will have until my death, and prayerfully someone who loved me will want it, and the memories of family will continue on.

There is a time for everything!

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest. A time to kill and a time to heal. A Time to tear down and a time to rebuild. A time to cry and a time to laugh.  A time to grieve and a time to dance. A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones. A time to embrace and a time to turn away. A time to search and a time to lose. A time to keep and a time to throw away. A time to tear time and a time to ment. A time to be quiet and a time to speak up. A time to love and a time to hate. A time for war and a time for peace. Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

Onward by Faith!


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